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"When I started learning to drive at the age of 17, I have to admit, I didn't enjoy it. I said as much to Stephen when I restarted my lessons six years later. He told me, he would make sure that by the time I passed my test I would. He was right.

"Ok, so I didn't pass first time but that was not because I was bad at driving per se. Stephen had given me all the skills, I just needed to have confidence in my ability and by the time I passed I did. I had got to the point where discussing the meaning of life or the difference in double-glazing windows became apart of the lesson. Driving became second nature, and lessons were more like taking a friend out for a drive. So when I passed my test I was so chilled and confident in my ability I was able to chat to the examiner, and enjoy the test!

"I canít wait to take my Grandma out for a spin this Christmas, as she has been saving her car for me for five years! I definitely made the right choice. Thank you Stephen"

- Claudia, Altrincham