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We are a driving school in south-west Manchester. We teach using only cars that have automatic transmission.

Contact details are here.

Click on the Working Areas link for more detail on the areas where we work.

We don't do Driver Training. We educate people who drive cars. To us, this is an important distinction.

Follow the Our Courses link to read about the lessons and courses we offer.

Fabia with Stephen Our Chief Instructor holds Qualified Teacher Status with the Department for Education, is a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency A-graded Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and has been a DVSA-Registered Fleet Driver Trainer. He is an Institute of Advanced Motorists Registered Instructor and is a volunteer observer for IAM Roadsmart. He was awarded a Distinction in the IAM Roadsmart Masters driving test and he has passed the DIAmond Special Test. Since coming into the driver education sector he has acquired an enviable reputation for delivering high quality teaching and learning. Almost all of AutoScholar's new business is generated by recommendation and word of mouth. Learn more by clicking on the Biography link.

What Cars?

PA55 RAP with Stephen We presently teach in cars from the Volkswagen group (VW, Audi, Seat, Škoda), with petrol engines and automatic transmissions (which means no clutch pedal, no gearstick). These are regularly updated and from time to time alternative new vehicles may be introduced.

Green Cars!

We are particularly interested in the transition to battery-electric vehicles and are actively researching the market to identify the right electric car for us. In the meantime, we have invested in converting our cars to use LPG fuel, sometimes known as "autogas". LPG is essentially a mix of propane and butane, both natural gases that, unlike petrol and diesel, do not have to be manufactured in an oil refinery. LPG burns much cleaner than petrol and the exhasut is much less damaging to the environment.

LPG makes absolutely no difference to the driver and actually helps our cars run even more smoothly and quietly, as well as cleaner.

We did the sums, and converting to and running on LPG is cheaper and cleaner than running diesel or petrol cars.



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